Get Real

Get Real.

Get Real: The Anti-Piracy Campaign

If you think the purchase of an original quality CD will only benefit you -- you are wrong. Countless others you may not know or will never meet are impacted by your decision to Get Real.

By Getting Real Christian music through legal means, you are privileged with the following:

  • You strengthen the Gospel Music industry.
  • You pay royalties or dues to the Christian artists you admire.
  • You help songwriters continue to make a decent living.
  • You help ministries.
  • You provide legitimate jobs.

Get Real and make a difference. Ask your friends to do the same.

Stacie Orrico:

"As an artist it can be discouraging that people don't realize how much time and effort you put into making and promoting a record. I've found that in both the Christian and mainstream markets the misconception is the same - everyone thinks that as soon as you have a song on radio, you are living glamorously. For many of us, that is far from the truth. There are many people that contribute to my career as an artist and, when you participate in illegal copying of music, you not only hurt the artist, you hurt all the support staff that work with them. I think I speak for most artists when I say that we do this because we love music and we love people - that is what motivates us to keep a hectic pace and be away from our families. We need the support of our fans and that includes your support by buying only legal copies."

Steven Curtis Chapman, Grammy-Award Winning Christian Artist:

"A lot more goes into a CD than it may appear. The price of a CD doesn't just go back to the record company. Everyone who works with me to record and distribute my music makes a living and supports their families from CD sales as well. It's a big network of people from my co-producer, the engineers, my band all the way to assembly line people who help to manufacture the CDs and the truck drivers who get them to the stores. There are some new legitimate websites like that provide an alternative to illegal burning. I want to encourage my listeners to use sites such as this, and to buy instead of burning illegally. On behalf of the team who works alongside me, we'd appreciate it."