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Original Pilipino Music

Thankful - Jon Almosara


In search of love ...real, unconditional, genuine love. That's the motivation behind Jon Almosara's vocal and performing talents for Christ. When you hear the passion of his singing or the heart in his teaching, it's the unconditional love of Christ in his life that is being expressed. Jon understands the longing of every person to be loved for who they are, and that understanding is the driving force behind his vocal talents.

"I only find peace when I sing for God," Jon said. That's because his rich intellect and kind heart constantly keeps him stirred. He's learned that it takes Christ to find peace in life's longings.

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Unmoved Mover - I.D.O.4

Unmoved Mover

The second album of I.D.O.4 tagged as "Unmoved Mover". This album features new breed of song writers, young and inspired. Heart-felt lyrics driven by fresh melodies. This was created by the Infinite Devotion under the ministry of the "Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International" and distributed nationwide by Praise Inc. at all House of Praise outlets and to some other Christian bookstores.

The Worship Team of Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International lead by Ms. Leslie Santos (Worship Leader) never fail to offer God a soul-winning concert annually since they started their first concert, which is the heart of their ministry. And they used the band name I.D.0.4., as its meaning suggests "infinite," boundless and "devotion," strong affection, dedication to a purpose expressing itself in earnest service, giving credit to Him who first had given His life to us.

Listen to My Heart

Listen to My Heart

This contains songs of God's love and messages of hope that will surely inspire and build up every listener. Marlene is backed up by 17 years of advertising and production experience until she went into full time mission work as a tentmaker or self supporting missionary.

The proceeds of the album, "Listen to my Heart", will go to the various projects and outreaches of Mission Acts 1:8 Ministries, a PARA church organization, actively reaching out and sharing God's message to all people. They use to buy a thousands copies of Bibles and Gospel tracks from their funds for free distribution for their evangelistic crusades, concerts and other missions.

"My goal for every soul, reached through this album is for them to discover the sole answer – JESUS CHRIST, who alone can fill that vacuum in everyone's life. Transformation can only begin with changed lives and when that happens, people will start living for GOD, and hate what is evil. PIRACY is evil, so let us all help stop piracy." MARLENE FRANCISCO.

Famine for Love

Famine for Love

Leading people to Christ is the very purpose of His calling for His children.

A lot of people dying, never knew the way to life.

God's compassion is given to all, but how could these people know His compassion if none of His chosen would reach their hands and show the road to eternity and freedom.

May Your Kingdom Come

May Your Kingdom Come

May Your Kingdom Come is produced, written and arranged by Dr. Rodolfo "Ogie" V. Frez. The title song May Your Kingdom Come was composed for the retreat conducted on November 2005 with the theme May Your Kingdom Come. The song is a prayer in itself inviting people to "live" in God's kingdom here on earth.

The recurring theme of songs in that album is that People can start living in God's kingdom here and now and this begins in our hearts - evident in the songs "I Must Sing for Joy", "Sing and Shout" and "As Long As There's One Breath In Me". May Your Kingdom is an invitation for God's will to be done on earth.

Cristo, Pag-Asa ng Mundo - The Narrow Gate Ministries

Cristo, Pag-Asa ng Mundo

In response to the overwhelming need of our less fortunate countrymen, the Album, Cristo, Pag-Asa Ng Mundo was created by The Narrow Gate Ministries to generate hope and inspire believers to get involved and at the same time to raise funds to provide assistance to many Filipinos especially the street children.

"With your help, we can make a difference to our countrymen who are presently in desperate need not only spiritually but physically. Will you give a "piece of your heart" to many less fortunate Filipinos? God hears the cries of the poor children in the Philippines. He uses people like you and us to answer their prayers. Please join us in building new life and new hope in the Philippines."

The new CD, Cristo, Pag-Asa Ng Mundo is a 10-song CD featuring songs with strong Biblical foundations. Its message is simply about God's grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. The lyrics focuses on bringing the good news that Jesus loves and cares about the Filipinos.

Papuri 1-15 on Minus One

Papuri 1-15 on Minus One

All albums of PAPURI on Minus One will be very soon available in all House of Praise outlets with their new enhanced and soothing sound. These were digitally enhanced and remixed by Praise Inc. to reach more millions of listeners all over the Philippines and to some others parts of the world. The albums on vocals are sure to strike pleasant memories in the hearts of its familiar listeners and create new ones in those who will hear it for the first time. These are all could use for performances on churches, concerts and to all some other singing engagements.

We pray that you would always be a part of these albums by sharing it's message and motivating people to have these collections. God bless you all... and may we always do all things for the Glory of God.

Uptimmystic! - Timmy Cruz


Uptimmystic! is an Original Pilipino Music album, succeeded the album "My Guiding Light", sung and produced by Ms. Fatima Angelica Cruz, affectionately known as Timmy Cruz on TV shows. All songs were written by Timmy. The passionate love of God inspires her to create the album, 'Uptimmystic!'.

This album is recommended for meditative hours positively seeing the works of God's hands on day to day of our lives on what God can do to us believing without limiting His power, that no dreams are impossible for Him who trusts... God bless you all.

The Better Than Life Project

The Better Than Life Project

The Better Than Life Project was conceived and produced by the prolific musician/songwriter Bebo Bharwani, featuring all his original lyrics and music. The album is highlighted by superb performances from the country's eminent artists such as Top Suzara, Jay Durias, Barbie Almalbis, Pido Lalimarmo, Noah Krishna, Chedi Fidel, Naldy Gonzales, Radah Tinsay and Mike Luis.

All the proceeds of the The Better Than Life Project will be donated to the Reach Youth Ministries, a non-profit organization that reaches out to the street children of Metro Manila and other cities. They provide food, shelter, education and spiritual guidance -- all to give these children a better chance at life.

The Better Than Life Project Concert: The Country's Premier Talents Top Suzara, Pido Lalimarmo, Chedie, Noah Krishna and Radha will perform in The Better Than Life Project Concert - every Tuesdays of June at 19 East in Muntinlupa City. Show starts at 9PM.

For more information visit www.reachyouth.org.

One Player - Ogie Cayabyab

One Player

One Player is an Original Pilipino Music album, produced by the featured artist Ogie Cayabyab. This young pastor is a dynamic and talented musician, all tracks in this album was either written or co-written by Cayabyab. Lyrically, featured songs contain wit, intelligence and even dry humor. Musically, the down-to-earth acoustic style brings a raw and refreshing texture to each song. Ogie's debut offering is a one true testimony of Filipino talent.

Dakilang Pag-ibig - 23rd Psalm

23rd Psalm

23rd Psalm is the music behind The Lord is My Shepherd Christian Fellowship's praise and worship team. It is their vision that their songs will touch the hearts of fellow believers and reach out to those who need The Great Shepherd in their lives as they rise to the call of creating a new sound in today's worshipping churches.

Ageless Praise

Ageless Praise

Awesome Presence

Awesome Presence

This CD draws experience from the following brothers and sisters: Bob Barretto, our 29AD drummer who suffered a massive heart attack and died 2 hours before GK4GK praise concert May 13, 2005. This dramatic moment continues to change many lives even after he has gone home to heaven; Penny de Leon, whose sharing of her near-death experience of meeting the Lord face to face was the inspiration behind the song Awesome Presence; Jun Uy, who taught us that a short life lived with meaning and in service of the Lord is what matters most.
Lead Singers: Cerisse Balatbat, Susan Barretto, Romy Cheng, Mylene Chuang, Jazz de Guzman, Flor del Mar, Jong Fernandez, MJ Francia, and Roy See

Faith Music Manila

Faith Music Manila Faith Music Manila Faith Music Manila Faith Music Manila Faith Music Manila Faith Music Manila

Faith Music Manila's mission is to create a new perspective on Christian music and leave a mark by removing all barriers and crossing boundaries, thereby reaching people and changing their lives through faith-filled and anointed songs.

The vision is to produce and distribute various Christian worship and music materials and literature worldwide, and train worship leaders and musicians through workshops, conferences, seminars, and concerts.

Visit Faith Music Manila's official website.

Fathered: Made in RP Vol. 1


Haplos ng Pag-ibig - Pagayanan and Hughes

Pagayanan and Hughes

In early March 2005, Danny had already composed some songs and Kieran agreed to try to see if they both could come up with something good. The result was Haplos ng Pag-ibig, which sounded so great from the initial mixes that they were both determined to try to achieve one more original song each week. Danny returned to the Philippines in April and again back to Saudi Arabia in May 2005, he had already the basic structure for "Walang Dahilan", "Kalayaan", "Kulay ng Buhay" and "Laging Hiling". The result is now on this disc.

Kieran Hughes - guitars, bass, drum programming; Danny Pagayanan - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards



When people start knowing God, they come to life with an exuberant song of praise on their lips. Thus the beginning of a group of talented, God-glorifying people of "Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International", the I.D.0.4. Worship Team.

The band had its humble beginning as "Tidings of Praise" (1988-2003). Their first evangelism concert was held at Trinity College Gym in 1988 led by Ms. Leslie Santos (ID04 Worship Leader). Since then, they never fail to offer God a soul winning concert annually, which is the heart of their ministry.

They changed the band name into ID04 as its meaning suggests - "infinite", boundless; and "devotion", strong affection, dedication to a purpose expressing itself in earnest service - gives credit to Him who first had given His life.

The group revolutionized by year 2004. Their original compositions, which defined the kind of worshippers they are, fill church gatherings. The team has a total of 57 talented members including the choir.

Ikaw Lamang, O Panginoon - Lito Magnaye

Lito Magnaye

Our souls will find rest in God alone. (Psalm 62:1-12)

"My soul finds its rest in God alone; from Him comes my salvation; He alone is my rock and salvation; with him as my stronghold, I shall not be overcome. On God rests my salvation and honor. He is my refuge, my might rock. Trust in Him at all times. My people; pour out your hearts before Him; God is our refuge."

We offer this special collection of Spiritual Songs to the Most Holy Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. May this Compilation be a means of bringing you into His presence and proclaim His mighty deeds among the nations. We invite you to join us again as we worship Him in songs.

-Lito Magnaye

Jesuit Music

The mission continues. In recent years Jesuit music has not only become more accessible through the professional production of albums and their commercial distribution; it has also penetrated new media, as evidenced by the production of music videos that are shown on national television, concerts with with Manila's top orchestra, and the phenomenon of popular artists singing and recording our songs.

Jesuit Music Ministry has ventured into new waters, but the same mission continues, that of bring God to people and people to God, as the citation of the Ateneo de Naga University's Barlin Award of Service to the Church says. Inspirational music is a category that has only recently become part of Jesuit music, as younger composers produce songs that are spiritual, yet are not necessarily for use in the liturgy.

Highest Standards - Lorna Motos

Lorna Motos

May Highest Standards bring hope, joy, and realization that indeed, we have a God who loves us unconditionally and thus deserves to be worshipped every second, minute, hour, and day of our lives.

Mahal Ko Ang Panginoon - Rommel Guevarra

Rommel Gueverra

Malayang Pilipino

Malayang Pilipino Malayang Pilipino Malayang Pilipino

It started with God's inspiring voice...
His masterful command upon the musical notes that took each of their rightful places...
The creation of a new song soon became an anchor in the making of a wonderful album...
And another, and another... the rest is history.

Heaven is Open praise and worship compilation of Malayang Pilipino Music our 4th album aimed to draw us in God's presence and put our trust in Him as stated in Psalm 40:3, "He has given me a new song to sing, of praises to God. Now many will hear of the glorious things He did for me, and stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in Him."

Ikaw ang Maghari is Malayang Pilipino Music's 5th album that will surely inspire you to allow Jesus Christ to reign in you. I pray for God's presence to touch you as you listen to the inspiring songs on this album and move you to surrender all to Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I Choose to Worship live praise and worship album will energize and invigorate your worship life. You will find a rebirth of passion and purpose in your worship life as you discover the power and blessing of worship.

Robert David with Jannette Rodrigo, PAPURI!, and SINAG SINGERS

Robert David with Jannette Rodrigo, PAPURI!, and SINAG SINGERS

Papuri (1-10)

Aking Ama - Pillars


"Above all, to the "pillar" and the foundation of our faith, our Lord Jesus Christ. To You we are eternally grateful for giving us the talents and for helping us to share Your message of hope to others through music." Sammy Bagcat, Jojo Cuysona, Rey Bensay, Roldan de Leon, Jay-ar Cuysona, Gilmar Magaoay, Yvette Capili, Nimfa Cabarles

The Rich Fool

The Rich Fool

[view 30-second clip - 2.98 MB]

Produced entirely in the Philippines with professional actors, this dynamic movie encourages viewers to explore life's most important question. The enclosed Bible study guide relates directly to the parable upon which the movie is based, and is perfectly suited for individual or group study.

In Awe of His Amazing Love - Thoughts and Notions

Thoughts and Notions

A message from Thoughts and Notions:

In awe of his amazing love... that was the general feeling that we felt as we wrote the songs contained in this album. There is no greater love that exists in this world than the love that we feel coming from God. This album sincerely wishes everyone to convey the message, the good news, that there is someone capable of loving us beyond what words could say. It is our deepest hope that this album would be able to heal the woundedness felt by those who have suffered, to be set free captivity. We offer our talents to be able to share God's good news... in a modern way. As the years that came by brought new musical directions to the music patronized by the youth, a music that lean towards woundedness, loss, hatred, and other negative sentiments, it is our hope that we could offer an alternative to these, without alienating the youth by making new Contemporary Christian Music suitted for the modern times in the form of Pop-Rock, Acoustic, and Alternative Pop music. This is a very ambitious project as we embark ourselves on a musical ride. The artistic inputs and creativity that we poured into this album can only be credited to God. We wrote the songs with a vision: to stand brave and proclaim God's good news and do ministerial work without necessarily sacrificing the fun ride that we experienced in this project. This is a testament of how God's love could move us. It was because of his amazing love that this album came to be. With God's grace, we present to you 10 songs of purely and sincerely modern Christian music.

Visit their website.

Tricia Amper Jimenez

Tricia Amper-Jimenez

OPM's premier gospel singer Tricia Amper-Jimenez is back in a collaborative project with veteran songwriter Andrei Dionisio. Tricia's signature voice highlights Andrei's moving and prolific songwriting, two incredible talents in one highly anticipated album has the makings of a sure classic.

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