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Important Notice

To all our valued PFC members, we will no longer issue CD samplers. Instead, we will be issuing House of Praise Gift Certificates with the P300.00 required purchase per quarter. Please read the new mechanics below:

  1. Starting February 16, 2008, new members will automatically get one HOP GC worth P50.00 upon receipt of their membership kit.
  2. On the succeeding quarters, members get one HOP GC worth P50.00 upon purchase of any regular HOP product worth P300.00, single receipt.
  3. Members can claim the GC in any HOP outlet where the required purchase was made.
  4. Provision No. 2 also applies to existing active members.
  5. Members are entitled to only one HOP GC per quarter.
  6. If a member was not able to make a minimum purchase within the quarter cut off, he loses his chance to get the GC. However, he is still qualified on the next quarter provided the required purchase is met.
  7. The GCs can be used upon receipt but not in combination with the 10% standard discount or any other special offer.
  8. GCs accumulated from the previous quarters can be used for one time transaction payment provided their respective expiry dates have not elapsed.
  9. GCs are honored in all HOP stores including franchised outlets nationwide.
  10. GCs are transferable.
  11. GCs are valid within 90 days from the date of issuance.
  12. The GCs have six months redemption period.


All active PFC members are entitled to two GCs to cover for the 2007 4th quarter period and 2008 1st quarter with the required minimum purchase. There was no sampler released for the 4th quarter.

Members who will claim their 4th quarter GC must present the Official Receipt of their qualified transaction from October 1, 2007-December 31, 2007 together with their Sampler Claim Stub.

The deadline for the claiming of 2007 4th quarter GC is on February 28, 2008 while for 2008 1st quarter, it will be on March 31, 2008.

In addition, the membership fee will de lowered down to P120.00 while renewal fee remains at P50.00 effective February 16, 2008.

For questions, you may call us at (02) 9205291 local 235.

Important Notice

To our valued Praise Business Club (PBC) members:

Please be informed that House of Praise will honor your cards for discount privileges until February 28, 2007 only.

You may sign up to praise family club to continuously enjoy discounts on hop products for free until march 15, 2007. This is only for the primary members.

For more info, please ask our staff.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Praise Inc. Management

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