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GUIDELINES For the use of copyrighted materials

This guide does not presume to be a comprehensive summary of the Intellectual Property Code (IP Code). It does not attempt to deal with all the issues covered by the legislation nor does it provide answers to many of the legal questions.

It is intended to be a guide to understanding the nature of copyright by the users of church music to improve their ministries, to maintain a proper standard of ethics, and to help protect themselves and their churches from incurring liability or subjecting themselves to the possibility of being embarrased or even sued. The questions addressed are the ones which are most frequently asked by church musicians.

A complete copy of the IP Code and further information regarding the Copyright Law may be obtained by writing: The Intellectual Property Office at: IPO Building, 351 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Tel#: 890-4935, Fax#: 890-4936 or e-mail


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