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Who are WE?

Praise Music Publishing and CopyCare Philippines are Divisions of Praise Incorporated set up in 1996 to begin the groundwork for Music Publishing and Licensing in the Philippine territory. Our administered catalogues include among others “God Is Good”, “There Is None Like You”, “I Will Be Here”, “Shout To The Lord”, “The Warrior Is A Child”, and many thousands more. These copyrights are regularly sung in worship services and other church-related events.


Copyright is a form of protection provided to authors of original works of authorship -- these include literary, artistic and dramatic works, musical compositions and other creations. Copyright protects the authors’ original expressions as contained in the work.

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Intellectual Property Rights and its protection has long been recognized in the Philippines.

  • In 1888 (Spanish Regime) there was the Trademark Protection;
  • During the American rule there was Act#666 Trademark Protection on use;
  • And since December 15, 1972 Presidential Decree #49 has been in effect.

Internationally the Philippines has been a party to a host of conventions and treaties:

  • 1951 Berne Convention on Copyright
  • 1951 Budapest Treaty on Patent Procedure
  • 1965 Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • 1984 Rome Convention, where the Philippines became bound to apply the provisions of the Trade-related aspects of IPR (TRIPS) before year 2000.

GUIDELINES For the Use of Copyrighted Materials

This guide does not presume to be a comprehensive summary of the Intellectual Property Code (IP Code). It does not attempt to deal with all the issues covered by the legislation nor does it provide answers to many of the legal questions.

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  1. What does "Copyright" mean?
  2. What are the rights of copyright owners?
  3. Who owns the legal right to make copies?
  4. Do other countries have copyright laws?
  5. What if I'm faced with a special situation?
  6. What if there's no time to write?
  7. What about photocopies or tapes that are now in our church?
  8. Is it permissible to...
  9. What if I can't find the owner of a copyrighted song, can I go ahead and use it without permission?
  10. But what about items that are out of print?
  11. What is public domain?
  12. What is fair use?
  13. Is it permissible to perform copyrighted religious works in church?
  14. Can I make an original recording of a copyrighted song?
  15. Can I make a record or tape using a pre-recorded instrumental accompaniment track?
  16. Ist it permissible to make duplicates of the tape that accompanies a musical or printed work for "learning" or "rehearsal" purposes?
  17. If I buy a record is it permissible to make a copy for a friend?
  18. What are the penalties for making unauthorized copies of copyrighted music?

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Plainly stated, the making of unauthorized copies of all copyrighted materials is strictly illegal. However, all music publishers desire to have their songs used in as many legal ways as possible; so in most cases, permission can be obtained. You must contact the copyright owner prior to use or duplication.

The Church Musician and the Copyright Law

The above portion is an excerpt from 'THE CHURCH MUSICIAN AND THE COPYRIGHT LAW' edited and produced by Praise incorporated from an original document of the same title from the CHURCH MUSIC PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (CMPA).

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